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Three surface treatment for Black aluminum profile offered by SIC SOLAR

Three surface treatment for Black aluminum profile offered by SIC SOLAR

17 Dec 2019

For the sakeof aesthetic, Some clients prefer the Black solar panel clamp and Black solar panel mounting rails for their solar system. Here we introduce three surface treatment for Black aluminum profile.

Black aluminum clamps for solar panel

1.The first one is big black anodized. It is mainly used for long aluminum profile, Like the solar panel roof mounting rails. The max length could reach 6.2m, and the anodized thickness is around 10-12um.

Black anodized for solar panel mounting rail

This is the cheapest black anodized. To save the cost,Solar panel clamp also use this treatment to make black surface. But it is anodized before machining, hence the cutting surface is not anodized. See the left one in below photo.

Black anodized clamps for solar panel

2.The second one is small black anodized. Like above right one. This is mainly used for small aluminum components. The Clamps will be anodized after machining, which is also called all black anodized. The anodized thickness is around 12-15um.

3.The third one is Black Electrophoresis after machining, which is also all black surface. Compared with small black anodized, the color is more shining and keep longer, which is suggested by us.

Black solar clamps

SIC SOLAR offer all kinds of solar panel mounting. Our main products arealuminium rail forsolar panels, solar panel clamp, solar roof hook, ground screw, solar panel roof mounts and ground mount solar structure.Thewhole solar mounting systemhas been strictly testedto stand up to the extreme weather to ensure 10 Years warranty and 25 Years lifetime.

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