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Huge potential for floating solar power generation |

Huge potential for floating solar power generation |

Today, the floating solar is unstoppable. Norway's rich experience and long history in the maritime, offshore and energy sectors make it a natural leader in technological development and innovation in this area.

The world's demand for electricity is expected to double by 2050. By then, the share of fossil fuels in the energy mix must fall. A study by DNV GL, norske Verdana, found that to meet the Paris targets, 70% of electricity demand would have to come from Solar energy systems.

Solar energy is regarded as the energy of the future, because it is not only clean energy, but also inexhaustible. But building solar farms requires large areas of land that are hard to satisfy near space-starved cities, and developing solar power over water could solve that problem.

"Floating solar power system is an environmentally friendly solution that provides electricity to more people and also frees up large areas of land for other USES, such as farming. Using the sea is a very smart thing to do, "strand notes.

Half the world's population lives on the coast, and three-quarters of the big cities are by the sea. Not only does this shorten the path from production to consumption, but it is also a more cost-effective solution than buying expensive land.

Demand for float mount is also growing steadily, Says Mr Strand. The Norwegian company notes that the technology is now in great demand in Norway and internationally.

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