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C Post Column Solar Ground Mounting Kit
C Post Column Solar Ground Mounting Kit

C Type Steel Pile Foundation Solar Ground Power System

C Type Column Ground Racking System is a high cost-effective PV mounting structure and widely used in large commercial solar plant for public utilities.

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  • Installation Site:

    Open field
  • Tilt Angle:

    0-60 degrees
  • Material:

    Aluminum & Galvanized steel
  • Wind Load:

  • Snow Load:



Pv C pile screw mounting

Solar C Post Pile Ground Mounting Bracket is applicable for both frame and frame-less modules, and widely used in small and large solar plants. The C shape galvanized steel pile used as structural dupport is designed to be quickly assembled under any field conditions.

Solar ground mounting bracket

Compared with other solar ground mounting systems, this btacket has small footprint, strong compatibility and less penetrating resistance, but not affect the firmness, also saves time and cost on installation site.

Name C Type Pile Foundation Solar Ground Mounting System

Installation Site

Open Field Ground


Hot dipped galvanized steel & Stainless steel & Aluminum

Wind Speed


Snow Load





10 years warranty and 25 years service time

Our standard package is steel pallet for long alu profile, while small alu components will be packed into cartons with plywood pallet.


Solar ground structure package

Advantages as follow:

☆ Widely application--can work under any ground and soil conditions.

☆ Adjustable solar angle 0-60 degree - Win more solar energy during solar tilt angle change.

☆ High pre-assembly--save time and labor cost, require less tools.

☆ C-type pile has strong load bearing, high corrosion resistance, salt tolerance.

☆ Fast installation--use piledriver ramming C-type piles directly into the earth.


Related certificate:

Strength Analysis report -- mountings will be test to meet your target strength, Like wind speed and snow load.

Q1. What’s the MOQ request?



Q2. What’s the material of carport?

Al 6005-T5 and Carbon steel.

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With 10 years solar experience professional team,SIC SOLAR insist in a management theory of
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With 10 years solar experience professional team,SIC SOLAR insist in a management theory of
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